Twinings, Renew, Herbal Tea, Fennel & Burdock Root, Caffeine Free, 18 Tea Bags, 1.27 oz (36 g)


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Sourced with Care Supports A Healthy Balance from Within Lemon & Ginger Flavored Herbal Tea Over 300 Years of Experience Est. 1706Feel renewed with this carefully crafted herbal detox blend with sweet fennel, lemon peel, lemongrass, burdock root, spearmint and ginger.The Twinings of London StoryIn 1706, Thomas Twinning began selling fine tea from an English storefront in The Strand, London. Today, Twinings continues to sell some of the world’s best teas from the original store and in more than 100 countries throughout the world.What does it taste like?The fennel in this blend has a slight sweetness which works well with the smooth lemon flavor. The ginger is carefully added in the mix so it is gently warming, but not overpoweringSourced with CareImproving the quality of life in the communities we source from. Fennel – Fennel has long been used in traditional Arabian, Ayurvedic and Chinese practices for its ability to help support the digestive system. Its dried seeds have a sweet anise seed flavor.Ginger – Ginger is one of the world’s best-loved ingredients, used in food and drink across the continents for its smooth, warm, aromatic and digestive qualities.Burdock Root – Burdock root has a sweet and crisp taste, popular in Asian cuisine. It has been known for centuries in China for its ability to help promote healthy digestive activity by supporting the body’s natural detoxification process.


Simply use freshly boiled water and steep the bag for 4 minutes or to desired strength. For the best flavor, we recommend that you refrain from using a microwave to boil your water. Enjoy this tea regularly as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Fennel, lemon peel, lemongrass, burdock root, spearmint, ginger, natural lemon, lemongrass and basil flavors with other natural flavors, rooibos, verbena.







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