Traditional Medicinals, Organic EveryDay Detox Tea, Dandelion, 16 Wrapped Tea Bags, .05 oz (1.5 g)


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Non-GMO Project Verified Tea Bag & String Since 1974 Created by Herbalists Supports Liver and Kidney Function Naturally Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Herbal Supplement USDA Organic Kosher Certified B Corporation Certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)Personality – Mild, sweet and helpful.Herbal Power – Gently stimulates the liver and supports kidney function.Reason to Love – Sometimes we all need a little support from an old friend. Who’s friendlier than the dandelion – that sunny stalwart of backyards and fields everywhere? Based on a combination of herbs inspired by a classic European herbal formula, our herbalists have carefully blended dandelion leaf and root with licorice, fennel and peppermint to lend a slightly sweet and refreshing taste. Dandelion has been traditionally used for hundreds of years to give your liver a little love and support kidney function by increasing the flushing of waste from the kidneys.Taste – Slightly sweet and pepperminty.Dandelion has been a treasured herb for thousands of years. Some of our favorite dandelion is sustainably harvested from the wild meadows of southern and eastern Europe.Dandelion roots are harvested in the early spring and late fall when the plant is dormant and has stored energy in the root. The leaves are harvested from late spring all the way through summer, when the plant’s energy has moved above ground. Collecting according to this seasonal schedule helps us ensure that this tea will aid in your body’s natural detoxification processes.We’ve Got the Right StuffWe raise the bar. The quality standard of the herbs we use is hard to pronounce, difficult to meet, and it’s what makes us different, better. We’re not ashamed to say it. Pharmacopoeial: it’s the only quality standard our herbalists can rely on when blending teas for your health and wellness.


お召し上がり方 240mlの沸騰したてのお湯をティーバッグ2袋に注ぎます。







All ingredients certified organic.


Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use if you have liver or gallbladder disorders, bowel obstruction, hiatal hernia or acid reflux, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Discomfort due to gastric hyperacidity may occur after taking herbs that contain bitter substances like chicory and dandelion. Do not use if you are allergic to plants in the daisy (Asteraceae) family, like Echinacea or dandelion, or plants in the parsley (Apiaceae) family, such as fennel or coriander. This product should be used for periods of up to 2 weeks, followed by a break before resuming.






栄養補助剤成分表示 Serving Size: 1 Cup Brewed Tea (2 tea bags) Servings Per Container: 8
  Amount Per Serving % DV
Calories 0   All Herbal Ingredients: Organic dandelion herb with root [PhEur]** 1920 mg † Proprietary Blend: 1080 mg   Organic fennel fruit   † Organic peppermint leaf   † Organic licorice root   † † Daily Value (DV) not established. **This is the pharmacopoeial quality standard we use because quality matters.


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