The Tao of Tea, Organic Herbal Blend, Chamomile Lavender, Caffeine Free, 2 oz (57 g) (Discontinued Item)





Artisan Quality Pure Leaf Teas Fresh USDA Organic Brews 50 Cups Certified Organic by QAIOriginBlend, The Tao of Tea Chamomile Lavender is a calming caffeine free blend of organically grown fragrant flowers. We carefully hand blend this tea in small batches to make sure that the balanced flavor profile is consistent each time.Organic ChamomileThe word ‘Chamomile’ originates from the Greek word ‘Chamos’ (ground) and ‘Melos’ (apple), referring to its characteristic as a low bush and its flower blossoms that have an apple like fragrance. Egyptian Chamomile is the most reputed of all for its large, bright and fragrant flowers.Organic LavenderLavender (Lavendula angustifolia) is loved around the world for its fresh sweet fragrance. It is a flowering evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean and has a long history in herbal healing. Combined with Chamomile, it creates a calming blend.Flavor ProfileSweet, buttery, smooth taste. Relaxing, gold color brew.PairingAlthough practically a dessert in and of itself, it pairs well with any number of after meal sweets. It provides an especially good flavor balance along with shortbreads, cakes and milk chocolate.Recipe IdeasMakes a great ingredient for syrup recipes for use over ice cream or your favorite pancakes.The Tao of TeaLike the Tao, the art of tea is universal. We began our work with tea culture. Practicing the art on a daily basis in our teahouses in Portland, Oregon, we are a group of tea enthusiasts from different backgrounds and cultures. We travel, learn, take delight and seek to offer pure leaf teas with great flavor, artistry and soul. Our reward comes through actions that help people’s lives, sustain the art of tea and promise a healthy environment.


BrewingBrew one level teaspoon of leaf in eight ounces of pure spring or filtered water at 185F for two minutes. Can be re-infused two times.


100% organic chamomile flowers and 100% organic lavender flowers.







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