The Tao of Tea, パープルリーフバライエタル、クリシュナトゥルシーティー、カフェインフリー、57g(2.0oz)




Artisan QualityPure Leaf TeasFreshHoly Basil From IndiaCaffeine FreeUSDA OrganicBrews 60 CupsCertified Organic by QAIKrishna ‘Purple Leaf’ Tulsi:Also known as holy basil, Tulsi is a revered, sacred herb from India with a long history. It has been used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine to help provide an alchemy to one’s well being. There are three main types of Tulsi varietals- green leaf ‘rama’, purple leaf ‘krishna’ and wild forest ‘vana’, each having it’s unique flavor nuance.Caffeine Free Adaptogen:Tulsi is caffeine free and known to be an adaptogen, making it a great herb to include in a holistic lifestyle and diet.Flavor Profile:Unlike the Mediterranean basil, Krishna Tulsi has a more pronounced peppery, slightly spicy taste with hints of mint and cloves.Direct Trade:Our direct trade model helps small and marginal tulsi farmers in India with upfront purchase guarantees. Over many years, this has helped usher in an organic cultivation platform for Tulsi. The Tao of Tea:Like the Tao, the art of tea is universal. We began our work serving as a connecting thread for tea culture in 1997. Practicing this art on a daily basis in our teahouses in Portland, Oregon, we are a group of tea enthusiasts from different backgrounds and cultures. We travel, learn, take delight, and seek to offer pure leaf teas and herbs with great flavor, artistry and soul. 


Making Tulsi is easy. It is a forgiving herb and does not gain any harshness in steeping. For best results, use one teaspoon of leaf in 8 oz. water at 185° F. Steep for 4 minutesAntioxidants/per servingTulsi600Tomato Juice550-900Broccoli/Spinach400-600Apple/Banana300Serving Sizes: Tulsi- 8 fl oz., Tomato Juice- 8 fl oz., Broccoli/Spinach- 50 grams, Apple/Banana- 100 grams.


100% organic tulsi (ocimum sanctum) leaves.







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