Eco Teas, イェルバ・メイト、非燻製リーフ&ステム、16オンス(445 g)




Organic & Fair Trade Whole Plant Traditional Cut Naturally Caffeinated Herbal Supplement USDA Organic One Pound Loose Fair For Life- Fair Trade Certified by IMO Gluten Free Naturally Caffeinated Naturally Caffeine- Free KSA Kosher Non GMO Project Verified Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth (OTCO) USDA Accredited Certified Fair for Life by IMO Made with 100% Certified Trade Ingredients Made with 100% Certified Fair Trade IngredientsYerba mate is a holly tree native to the rainforest of South America. Its leaves are brewed into a stimulating, antioxidant-rich beverage, mate (say “mah-tay”). Our yerba mate is dried with warm air instead of smoke for a smooth, clean taste.A Sustained Energy Tea Supplement Enhanced physical energy Stimulates mental clarity Supports weight loss regimens that include a balanced diet and exercise Elevates mood Aids eliminationAntioxidant PowerWhen brewed as directed, this tea supplement has an ORAC value of 11,000 umol/240 ml, which is 5.5 times stronger than a typical cup of green tea brewed with a tea bag.Our Eco Commitments USDA Organic – Long before we started EcoTeas, we were organic gardeners. For us, organic comes first. Fair for Life -Fair Trade Certified by IMO- As three best friend working in partnership with small farmers around the world, Fair Trade is just part of who we are. Non GMO Project Verified – Nature knows best. We can grow plenty of food without upsetting the balance. Our love of nature runs deep. Planting native trees in South America is a small gift back to the world. Proud to Support Clean Energy – – We offset our office electricity usage with green tags from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). Proud to be Water Steward- b-e-f. org- For every eight ounces of water used to brew our tea, we work with BEF to restore eight ounces of water to the Rogue River Watershed in southern Oregon.


PreparationHot: Use a percolator, French press, tea ball, tea press, tea pot, strainer, or espresso machine. Add one tablespoon per 8 oz of water. Moisten herb with cool water before brewing. Don’t use boiling water; 170°F is ideal. Steep 4-6 minutes. Drink 1-2 cups daily for optimum results.Iced: Steep directly in cold water- no heat required. Stir and strain after 10 + minutes. Add ice, sweetener and citrus to taste.More Options: Blend with herbs for added benefits. Sip traditional -style through a bombilla (tea straw).






補足事実 1回分のサイズ: 6 g(8 fl ozを調製する) コンテナ当たりの摂取量:約76 サービングあたりの金額 %毎日の値* カロリー 10 オーガニックイェルバメイトリーフ&ステム** 6 g † カフェイン 50 mg † テオブロミン 4.3 mg † *パーセントデイリーバリュー(DV)は2,000カロリーの食事に基づいています。


** Fair for Life公認フェアトレードの原料。


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